Got Grubs? Of Course You Do They Are Everywhere

Japanese Beetles and Crane flies are the two most common insects that cause the most amount of damage to our lawns and gardens, they are all over South-Western Ontario and East. Often skunks, raccoons and other small animals will rip up your lawn to feed on grubs in the spring. This secondary damage to your lawn, as well as flocks of starlings and blackbirds feeding on the lawn, are signs of a grub infestation. If you have any of these natural predators digging up your grass this spring, check for white grubs, many people notice these indicators first.

Nature’s Image has been the only company in London Doing It Right & Only At Night for 7 years. Individual packages of nematodes are purchased for each home to ensure the correct amount is applied to your lawn. Ontario Grower Supply has our nematodes brought in specifically for our region and soil conditions, when clients are ready to apply themself we direct them to our supplier and that will guarantee results.

Learn more about Beneficial Nematodes and how important they are to our environment and how they can benefit your property on our FAQ page.

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