Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance can be done by one individual with minimal equipment and debris.

Weeding, deadheading and pruning are basic maintenance duties and require hand tools and buckets for debris.

Installing mulch, trees or aggregates requires a truck and trailer along with more labour to install than removing weeds, this is then classified as construction work and requires a minimum of two people.

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups start at $175 for the first 2 man-hours, this includes drive time to and from the site and to dispose of debris.

All man-hours after are at a rate of $55 per man-hour.

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Landscape Construction
removal of debris from garden maintenance

Spring Clean Up

  • Litter and debris removed from driveway, lawn & garden beds
  • Cut back perennials and removal of dead plant material
  • Weeding of garden beds
  • Trees and shrubs are pruned to eliminate deadwood, broken branches, overgrowth, fungus and winterkill
  • Re-Edge garden beds and curbs where necessary
  • Install Gro Bark mulch in gardens to reduce weeds and help to retain more water

Fall Clean Up

  • Cut back grasses
  • Remove dead plant materials
  • Weed all plant beds
  • Collect leaf debris and branches from the winter
  • Trim and prune trees and shrubs to eliminate broken/damaged branches
  • Re-Edge garden beds and curbs where necessary
  • Removal and disposal of all debris
Remove dead plants from the garden around the pool

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