Construction Landscaping

Nature’s Image is a full-service landscaping company that offers many different services to design, build and maintain your outdoor living area in exceptional conditions. Our services include the building of patios, walkways, gardens, ponds, lawn care, draining solutions, shrubs, and tree removal.

Our team members use specialized equipment to complete these projects. Team members are also professionally trained and ready to complete your projects. Nature’s Image focuses on delivering complete satisfaction to its customers through reliability and excellent project results.

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Construction Landscaping
back patio of a house

Patio Installation Services

Designing and building your dream patio can cause significant frustrations throughout the project and could result in wasting time, money, and space. A marvellous-looking patio is a perfect addition to your outdoor living area for you to enjoy with friends and family. Our team of professionals would put in the time and effort to help you create an outdoor living area that fits your desires and needs. Our ultimate goal is to meet your expectations and deliver complete satisfaction with the project’s result. You can choose how you want your outdoor living area to look; we offer you two types of finishes, Interlock Patios and Flagstone Patios.

  • Interlock Patios: Nature’s Image uses the best methods, materials, and technologies for creating the interlock patios to offer longevity and durability of the patio to our clients. Interlock patios allow you to choose from never-ending styles and colours that will enable you to create a truly unique look for your outdoor living area.
  • Flagstone Patios: This type of patio offers you a more natural look for your outdoor living area. They also allow you to do a magnificent combination of colours and shapes. Flagstone is the perfect choice for designing an outdoor living suggestive of earthy splendour and natural elegance.
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Retaining Wall Contractors

Having weird elevations and shapes can cause issues in your outdoor living area, like taking up extra space, flooding, and erosion problems that lead to high repair costs. Retaining walls are a good solution for these problems, creating benefits and extras to your outdoor living area. They must be adequately designed, built and installed; otherwise, they will create more problems than they solve, costing you more money and time in the long run.

  • Interlocking Retaining Walls: This is one of the most popular and traditional methods for building retaining walls. Interlocking blocks are trendy for their distinct simplicity, unique shape and their relative ease of installation. Interlocking Retaining Walls come in a variety of different sizes and several different colours. All are available in slightly angled sides that allow the blocks to create gently curved retaining walls if you choose.
  • Natural Stone Retaining Walls: This option offers a more natural and unique look to your retaining wall, as well as a wider variety of colour designs. These walls are made from a varying assortment of boulders and rocks to create a uniquely natural retaining wall.
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retaining wall along a house
stone pathway in a backyard

Walkway Contractors

During the winter months, snow and heavy rain make your walkway unsafe. Your new walkway will be an excellent landscaping addition that provides safety, an innovative look, and a stylish appeal to your outdoor living area. At Nature’s Image, we offer you several concrete alternatives to create the ideal walkway to save you time and money, while adding monetary value to your property.

  • Flagstone: Flagstone walkways are the perfect addition to create welcoming paths for a beautiful landscape that enhances the home or garden appearance. Flagstones are rocks that have been split into slabs and cut into irregular flag-like shapes. Flagstone offers different colour variations and rock types to match the surrounding landscape design easily.
  • Stepping Stones: A path made of stepping stones is a simple, inexpensive way to add attractiveness to your landscape. Stepping stone paths offer an excellent route for foot traffic from the sidewalk or driveway to your front door and along the house’s side or back.
  • Paver Walkways: From Running Bond to Herringbone, Patterns Paver’s allow for creativity in design and work well with oddly-shaped natural spaces
  • Interlock Walkways: The interlock walkways are a type of material that offers you easy installation, durability, safety and low maintenance. The interlock walkways add curb appeal to your property and allow you to express your style with a wide array of colours and a variety of paver shapes.

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Garden Renovation

Renovating your garden can be frustrating; there is so much to do and get rid of that you do not have the time and do not know where to start. Nature’s Image has a caring team of professionals that would do the work for you. Our team utilizes special equipment that facilitates your garden’s renovation, saving you money and time. We would get rid of your old garden and create a whole new garden based on your desires and ideas.

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beautiful backyard water feature

pond surrounded by greenery

New Garden Installation

Creating a whole new garden is a big task that requires a lot of time and money investment. At Nature’s Image, we help you design, build and maintain your new garden from scratch using specialized equipment and a team of professionals. Our caring team would do that heavy task for you, helping you save time, money and ensuring a fantastic-looking garden.

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Pond Design

Having a pond in your outdoor living area is an excellent addition that adds beautiful scenery, comfort and curb appeal to your property. The design and building of your water feature can have more work than you expect. Nature’s Image helps you design and build your pond, suiting your environment perfectly. We would place it in a location where essential elements of nature would assist in the water feature’s growth to make it as natural and as low maintenance as possible. Our 23 years in business will assure you complete satisfaction with the project’s results.

  • Pondless Waterfalls: This water feature provides the visual and relaxing sound of moving water without an accompanying pond. Pondless waterfalls are a good choice for small backyards and if you do not want to spend too much time or money on maintenance.
  • Pond Waterfalls: With this water feature in your backyard, you can add dimension and sensory delight to your outdoor living area. Pond waterfalls allow you to have living elements, such as fish, water lilies, mosaic plants, and water lettuce. Unlike pondless waterfalls, this water feature requires more maintenance.

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beautiful backyard water feature

pond surrounded by greenery


Spring and fall are busy times of the year. One of many items on your to-do list is to open up or close your pond. We help you open and close your pond each season.

The worst part about enjoying your pond is realizing how much work it takes to keep it presentable. Before your next Easter dinner or summer BBQ with friends, the last thing you will have time for is seasonal pond maintenance. Whether it is relocating your fish family or splitting water plants, our caring team members will put in the time required to keep your designed pond looking its best.

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Drainage Solutions

Drainage issues could cause your backyard to flood, ruining grass, gardens, outdoor living areas and leaving your backyard unusable. They are not easy to fix and can cost a lot of money if they are not adequately repaired. Draining issues usually occur when there is compacted soil, improper backyard grading and sloping, poorly maintained eavestrough and downspouts, or improper installation of landscape features like a fence or deck.

We want to help you remedy your soggy backyards. We will develop a creative solution to turn your backyard flooding nightmare into an attractive feature that becomes an integral part of your landscape.

If you think you might have a problem with the drainage on your property, contact us for a quote.

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drain solutions
fire pit

Fire Pit:

There are many features to include in your outdoor space, and a fire pit is one of them. It looks like a simple task to achieve, but it takes time and effort to complete. Spring and fall are the time of the year when you want to get your fire pit going as the weather gets cooler. Summer mornings and evenings are also an excellent time for you to enjoy a bonfire with your morning coffee or evening drinks. Nature’s Image professionals are ready to help you design and build your fire pit.

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