Landscape Construction

This type of work would include the building of patios, walkways, gardens, waterfalls, ponds, installing a new lawn, drainage issues, shrubs & tree removal.

Our crews work in teams of two, and they are the best at what we do in the field.

We use specialized equipment and training is required to complete these projects.

Our hourly rate for Landscape Construction starts at $59.00 per man-hour.

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Landscape Construction
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What does outdoor living space mean?

An outdoor living space can be whatever the client wants it to be, providing that it is outside the home.

Some features of an outdoor living area include furnished patio, dining & kitchen area, swimming pool, fire pit or lounge area.

A well-designed landscape and gardens will add ambience to any space.

How do I manage to achieve privacy from neighbours?

There are many options to achieve the look you're going for including a fence.

Shrubs can create great hedgerow along property lines.

Deciduous trees planted can help block upper windows from neighbours view.

Evergreens can create a good barrier as well.

Panels, Pergolas, Lattice, Ornamental Ironwork and a properly placed fountain can add tranquil background noise inside a busy city.

backyard paradise and garden for privacy
backyard pond and landscape construction

What cost are involved in completing a landscape project?

Your contractor should always breakdown your quote into material cost and labour cost.

A detailed quote will allow you to see where the time and materials are being spent.

If you’re working within a budget, the project can be completed in phases.

There are aspects of the job that take place off-site, although this is worked into the quote.

Some examples of this are sourcing special plant material, stone selection, loading & unloading of equipment.

Do you have a minimum size contract?

We work with clients with gardens of all sizes, there is a two-hour minimum charge, that starts at $59 per hour.

This price does not include the drive to the clients home.

Landscape Construction

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