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Lawn Care

Nature’s Image began lawn care services in 2009, the year the pesticide ban went into effect for our province.

Our philosophy was simple, improving the health of your lawn began with healthy soil.

Time and money can be wasted on treatments for your lawn if you don’t focus on having healthy soil.

Our goal is to improve the soil conditions and this will improve the colour, thickness and overall appearance of your lawn.

We use proven methods and an all-natural approach that is safe for you, your family and pets.

Nature’s Image offers grass cutting as a part of our year-round maintenance service, although we are not a grass cutting company.

Limited space is available each year for grass cutting services because our focus is on how beautiful and manicured your property looks when the crew is complete.

It’s not about how quickly the crew can cut it but how everything looks when they are done.

Your individual lawn needs are met with attention to detail by a knowledgeable team that works to ensure 100% satisfaction.

We will design a lawn care program suited to your needs that will have your neighbours stop and take notice.

Seasonal Contracts are available for the 2021 season

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Nature’s Image does NOT spray weeds with any chemicals or pesticides.

An all-natural approach to crowd out weeds is our proven method of choice.

Weed & Feed programs are NOT offered here.

Our products used are completely safe for people, pets, plants & wildlife.

maintained, thick green lawn

Spring and Fall Maintenance for your lawn.

In the spring it is very important to wait until the soil temperature reaches 13° below the frost line before we apply compost and seed.

The best time to get started in our region is the first week of May, any time prior to that the soil is generally too cold to germinate grass.

  • Step 1: Take a fan rake and clear all debris off the lawn.
  • Step 2: Aerate the lawn.
  • Step 3: Apply Turk Shark Granular Compost pellets to your lawn after the aeration. This will allow the compost to start breaking down at the root zone where it’s needed most
  • Step 4: Apply your grass seed and fertilizer.
  • Step 5: Water your lawn daily every morning for 14 days.

If your lawn has grub damage, it’s important to have a nematode application done AFTER aerating and overseeding.

Repeat all of the same steps in the fall as you would in the spring, your lawn has thickened up where it can now crowd out weeds.

It’s important to complete your nematode application again in the fall after September 15 to ensure that all the bugs that feed on your lawn over winter have been killed before they start to cause damage again.

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